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Dr. Joanne Davila

Dr. Joanne Davila is a Professor of Psychology and the Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology at Stony Brook University. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from UCLA.

Dr. Davila is an internationally known expert on romantic relationships and mental health and she has published widely in this area. Her current research focuses on romantic competence among youth and emerging adults, the development of relationship education programs, the interpersonal causes and consequences of mental health problems, and well-being and relationship functioning among lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals. You can read more about Dr. Davila’s research on her academic website and on the Stony Brook University website.

Dr. Davila is a Fellow in the Association for Psychological Science and the Incoming Editor (2016-2022) for the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, one of the premier journals in the field. She is an experienced speaker, having given talks and workshops at conferences and universities in the US and internationally, and her work has been featured in the media numerous times.

Dr. Davila also is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in evidence-based interventions for relationship problems, depression, and anxiety.


Ms. Kaycee Lashman

Ms. Lashman is a writer, consultant and educator. She received her business degree in management science information systems and her EMBA from Simon Fraser University.

Ms. Lashman is an organizational change specialist. She consults on the people side of change focusing on relationship dynamics within companies. She has worked in the corporate world creating business models and strategies that optimize healthy employee engagement in organizational change driven by new initiatives and/or changing market conditions.  

Ms. Lashman is an avid consumer of relationship science. Inspired by her daughter’s trials and tribulations in her teen relationships she wrote and self-published a book about healthy relationships prior to writing this current book. She has worked with Dr. Julius Licata, Director of teencentral.net, on a series of podcasts and articles designed to help parents and teens detangle unhealthy relationships. 

Ms. Lashman is an experienced speaker, having given numerous talks and educational workshops at conferences, public libraries, and schools for school counselors, parents and teens on topics related to healthy relationships. She has media experience, including print, Internet, television, and radio.