Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide individual relationship coaching or relationship therapy?
Dr. Davila maintains a small private psychotherapy practice in Stony Brook, NY, but she is unable to take new clients at this time. Dr. Davila does not do phone or Skype therapy. Ms. Lashman does not provide psychological services.

Where can I find a therapist?
We recommend that you contact your local (state or county) Psychological Association or Mental Health Association, your local college or university counseling center, or ask a local professional that you like and trust (e.g., your doctor, your professor) if they can help you find someone.

Do you provide advice over email or telephone?
No, we do not. Please visit our blog on Psychology Today where we discuss common relationship issues and how the skills apply and can help. Please also visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for additional discussion of healthy relationship skills.

Do you offer classes?
Please see our page on Speaking Engagements & Relationship Education.

Does Ms. Lashman provide change management business services?
Depending on her schedule, Ms. Lashman takes on new clients on a case by case basis.